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Rock-it Dash

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The Rock-it Dash offers an easy entry/exit system so you can ride more, and ratchet less. It has the best comfort and convenience without sacrificing performance. Simply lower the reclining highback, which pops open the auto lever and ankle strap to create additional room to slide in your boot. Then, step in, pull up the highback, slap down the ankle strap auto lever and you are off. Speed entry that will help you get ahead of the pack so you can lead the charge!

  • Speed entry technology with reclining highback
  • Auto Open lightweight strap system for easy entry and exit
  • Comfort, performance and convenience with a medium fl ex
Rock-It Dash Binding Tech
Rock-It Dash Flex
  • Reclining Symmetric Highback with Auto Open Straps – Rear entry speed and advantage with consistent support 
  • Inverse Single Panel Ankle Strap – Consistent fit and comfort 
  • Shock Pads – Toe and heel EVA pads absorb shock and vibration 
  • Fab Fit Toe Strap – Contoured control and comfort
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